What are SAP Calculations?

A SAP calculation outlines a buildings CO2 emissions based on fuel type, space heating & hot water, lighting, ventilation, insulation levels, air tightness and thermal mass. It is then ran against the CO2 emission targets set out by the Government in order to demonstrate compliance under Approved Document Part L1A.

Where do we fit in?

We are On Construction Energy Assessors that have a proven track record in gaining compliance for all our clients SAP calculations. Our SAP Assessors take your project from design to completion and show you how to comply easily with Part L. Your SAP calculation will be produced and accompanied by a cover report outlining your calculation and what you need to do to pass.

How to Get a SAP Calculation

The process is simple. Start by emailing your drawings to us, we will then issue a quote. Once payment has been made we will get to work on the calculation. At S-W-E-A we are well aware of the current cost to build out a project. Use our designers guide to get you started on the route to compliance.



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