What are On Construction EPC's?

An On Construction EPC is the final enrgy rating for a dwelling once finished. The energy rating is based on a scale from A-G (like a domestic Kitchen appliance), with "A" being the most energy efficient type of dwelling. An On Construction is required for both Building Control sign off and is a legal requirement to have one when selling the house.

Where do we fit in?

We are On Construction Energy Assessors that have a proven track record in delivering On Construction EPC's fast to our clients. Our SAP Assessors take your projects as built information to produce a high quality EPC which reflects the new dwellings energy efficiency.

How to Get an On Construction EPC

The process is simple. Start by emailing your drawings to us, we will then issue a quote. Once payment has been made we will get to work on the calculation. At S-W-E-A we are well aware of the time senstive manner in getting your On Construction EPC.



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